About Seniors

Our aim is to help seniors to have a better quality of life to enjoy their retirement years.

What We Do:

  1. Prevent Dementia
    • Medical Qi-Gong – Strengthen Brain Qi Gong.
    • Brain exercises.
  2.  Prevent Falls
    • Daily life energy mindful tips for strengthening the core.
    • Special Qi Gong and Tai Chi exercise for balance.
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine WorkshopTo help general well being, for example
    • ‘How do we strengthen the Heart'.
    • ‘Energy Bank – Kidney Energy’.
    • ‘Strengthen your Stomach Qi to nourish your body’.
    • Liver stores blood in the body and nourishes your ligaments’.
    • ‘Lung is a delicate organ’.
    • ‘Are you Yin or Yang excess or deficient?’
    • ‘Strengthening Brain Qi Gong’.
  4. Retreat
    • This can be tailored for your organisation.

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