Fragrant Qi Gong

The full name of this QiGong is Chinese Buddhist Aromatic — Intelligence-Awakening QiGong.

  • Next workshop date: Thursday 20th October 2011
  • Where: Traditional Qi, Level 13, 97-99 Bathurst Street, Sydney
  • Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Cost: $88

Book Now or call: (02) 9909 2424 … 0411 203 244

Dating back 2000 years, Fragrant QiGong is unique in that it derives its name from the aroma emitted by practitioners, most commonly the fragrance of jasmine, sandalwood or osmanthus. It may appear with the first session or not for months or years. It is most common when people are practicing in large groups.

Another characteristic is a subtle increase in intelligence, manifested by greater clarity of thought, powers of concentration and perception as well as growing inner serenity. This ‘intelligence-awakening’ aspect also refers to what the Chinese call ‘noble spirit’ — consciousness-raising, gaining wisdom and aspiring to a higher sense of morality.

Fragrant QiGong is simple to learn and practice. Practitioners do a sequence of 15 arm movements which make different circles in front of the three Dan Tians. This results in very subtle circles to the organs in order to get rid of the stagnation of blood, fluid, toxins, Qi etc, as well as to strengthen the energy. Overall benefits include better sleep, disease prevention and self healing.

Therefore Fragrant QiGong is simple yet very powerful.

All fitness levels can participate, but it should NOT be performed by people with the following conditions:

  • Advanced cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Pregnancy more than six months
  • Schizophrenia
  • Those with acute conditions such as appendicitis, contagious disease, high temperature, excess bleeding

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