Welcome to Traditional Qi

Traditional Qi Pty Ltd - a natural health practice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) whose Yin Yang philosophy derives from Qi (pronounced Chi), which is simply defined as 'a function of life's energy’.

We exist to help people find well being and inner peace in a busy world.

Everything we do is based on two principles:


Prevention is more powerful than a cure! Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Medical Qi Gong exercises can be used to adjust the body, breathing and mind to bring self-potential into full play and enhance physical and mental health. This is achieved through regulating human autonomic conditioning to an optimum state, ultimately decreasing the risk of serious illness.


In modern society too much attention is paid to technology and not enough to Wisdom. We believe it is important to find balance naturally between the outer and the inner world (the yin and yang) and thus enjoy a more fulfilling life, a clearer mind and healthier body. These are skills which can be developed by understanding the yin and yang theory, as well as the practice of Tai Chi and QiGong.

These principles underpin everything we do.

At Traditional Qi we apply these principles in meaningful, practical ways, helping people like you to maintain your mental and physical health naturally through:

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