Drinking warm water can nourish our energy.  When you take a drink of cool water you need to spend extra energy to warm up the water before your body can absorb it.


Drinking warm water can strengthen the energy of your organs because cold water cools them down.  When cold water passes your chest it may cool your heart, lungs and bronchi and disturb your heart circulation and breathing.


Drinking warm water can protect your Stomach energy because cold water can make your stomach contract, disturb your stomach juices and enzymes, consequently weakening your digestion.


Drinking warm water can help gynecological problems because cold water can give you period pain, irregular periods and may make it difficult to become pregnant.

Drinking warm water can help to reduce allergies because energy can flow better in your body.


Drinking warm water  moves stagnation and enables us to have better mental health.  I suggest that people with depression, anxiety with tiredness and digestion problems, drink warm water.


Drinking warm water makes you sleep better.


Please try to drink warm water.